League Structure

Competition System

Meiji Yasuda J1 League (J1 League) Home and Away round-robin format(34rounds/306matches)
Meiji Yasuda J2 League (J2 League) Home and Away round-robin format(42rounds/462matches)
Meiji Yasuda J3 League (J3 League) Home and Away round-robin format(38rounds/342matches)

League Cup played by 18 clubs of J1 League and 2 clubs of J2 League. After the Group stage, clubs play the Play-off stage and the Prime stage. Play-off stage and Prime stage will be played in Home and Away format, but the Final is a one-game, winner-take-all match.

Clubs compete in AFC Champions League will participate from the Prime stage.

J1/J2 Play-Offs

A tournament will be contested by the 16th place J1 club and the third through sixth place J2 clubs.
The first round and second round will be contested by the J2 clubs, third place hosts sixth place while fourth place hosts fifth place, with the winners advancing to the 2nd round. The winner of the 2nd round will advance to the final and face the 16th place J1 club. The winner of the final will be promoted to the J1.
Each game will be played in the home stadium of higher ranked club, and when the game ends in a draw the higher ranked club will advance to the next round.
However, in the event that an eligible participant does not have a J1 License, the Play-offs shall be conducted with the remaining eligible clubs. Teams ranked seventh or lower cannot participate.

If no Play-offs-eligible clubs of J2 hold J1 licenses, the 16th-placed J1 team will not be relegated and only the top two J2 clubs will be promoted to the J1.

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