17:00Mar 12th2020Announcement of New J.LEAGUE Board of Directors

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Announcement of New J.LEAGUE Board of Directors

J.LEAGUE announced the appointment of members of the board of directors effect from 12 March, 2020.

Position Name Organisation
Chairman Mitsuru Murai Japan Professional Football League
Vice Chairman Hiromi Hara Japan Professional Football League
Senior Managing Director Masaaki Kimura Japan Professional Football League
*Director (full-time) Shinji Kubota Japan Professional Football League
*Director (full-time) Yuriko Saeki Japan Professional Football League
Director (part-time) Yoshikazu Nonomura President, Consadole Co., Ltd.
Director (part-time) Kunio Numata President, FC Mito Hollyhock Co., Ltd.
*Director (part-time) Naoki Ogane President, TOKYO FOOTBALL CLUB Co., Ltd.
Director (part-time) Hiroyuki Shimokawa Chairman, Zelvia Co., Ltd.
*Director (part-time) Yoshihiro Warashina Chairman, Kawasaki Frontale Co., Ltd.
Director (part-time) Masaki Tsukano President, SC TOTTORI Co., Ltd.
*Director (part-time) Toru Enoki President, Oita Football Club Co., Ltd.
* Director (part-time) Takayuki Tateishi CEO, STVV NV
Director (part-time) Dai Tamesue President, DEPORTARE PARTNERS
Director (part-time) Kumi Fujisawa President, Sophia Bank
*Director (part-time) Retz Fujisawa Representative Director, RCF
Executive Director, Japan Association of New Public
* Director (part-time) Wataru Baba Executive Officer Business Innovation Division General Manager, Panasonic Corporation
Auditor (part-time) Noriko Otsuka Representative, Noriko OTSUKA CPA Firm
Auditor (part-time) Tadashi Yamazaki PROPERTY INNOVATION CONSULTING Co., Ltd.
Co-opted Member, Executive Committee (part-time) Takao Konishi President, J.LEAGUE INC.
Co-opted Member, Executive Committee (part-time) Shingo Toyama Corporate Executive Officer, Europe Business, BeNEXT Technologies Inc.
*Co-opted Member, Executive Committee (part-time) Yasuharu Sorimachi Former Head Coach, Matsumoto YamagaFC
*Co-opted Member, Executive Committee (part-time) Hideyuki Hata President, ONE Championship Japan
*Co-opted Member, Executive Committee (part-time) Ryuji Bando MR12, Football Commentator

*Newly appointed or change in position

-Period: 2 years (March 12, 2020 to end of General Meeting scheduled in March, 2022)
-Member of the board must be under 65 years of age as of 1 April 2020.


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