18:50Mar 19th2020J.LEAGUE to Change Format in the 2020 MEIJI YASUDA J.LEAGUE

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J.LEAGUE to Change Format in the 2020 MEIJI YASUDA J.LEAGUE

J.LEAGUE decided to change format in the 2020 MEIJI YASUDA J.LEAGUE and apply exceptional rules for promotion/relegation in all categories after the board of directors held on 17 March and the extraordinary executive committee held today.

Further announcements of when to resume and details on league format and match schedules will be made on 25 March.

■2020 MEIJI YASUDA J.LEAGUE League Format

Apply exceptional rules below for promotion/relegation after resume (in all J1, J2 and J3 category)
    *No promotion in J1
    *2 clubs promote from J2 to J1
    *2 clubs promote from J3 to J2
     (number of clubs to promote may change due to licensing regulations)
    *No relegations

Comment by J.LEAGUE Chairman Mitsuru Murai

“Including the committee held today, the league has had many thorough discussions in the past weeks. We may face circumstances or unfairness when we resume, such as in the use of home stadiums, tight schedules and in difference in # of home/away matches, but the decision was unanimously made among our members with determination to continue playing football by avoiding relegations.” 


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