15:29Oct 29th2015Shoji wary of Usami-Patric threat

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Shoji wary of Usami-Patric threat

Kashima Antlers defender Gen Shoji has warned his team-mates that Gamba Osaka pair Takashi Usami and Patric are the most dangerous strikers in Japan.

Shoji is preparing to face the duo when their clubs take on each other in the final of the Yamazaki Nabisco Cup on Saturday, with the stopper well aware of the danger their upcoming opponents pose.

However, Shoji believes they can counter the threat if they display the right aggression on the pitch, and work on defending collectively as a side. 

“Patric and Takashi Usami are the most dangerous attacking pair in the J.League,” the 22-year-old said. 

“If they push forward aggressively like Shonan Bellmare did against us [in a 2-1 defeat] last week, you can’t be passive. 

“We want to push our line higher, but we tend to slow down so we have to be careful. All of our players, including our strikers and midfielders, have to work together. 

“If we can push our line higher, we can try to intercept more passes.”

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