11:52Sep 21st2016J3 club license applications revealed

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J3 club license applications revealed

The J.League on Tuesday announced the results of J3 Club License applications for the 2017 season, with three clubs already having theirs approved.

J.League Hundred Year Vision Clubs with a J3 Club License may join the J3 if they fulfil a number of criteria.

These included having average attendance of over 2,000 per match, yearly revenues of over $1.5 million and a top-four finish in the Japan Football League.

J3 Club License Approved: Vanraure Hachinohe, Azul Claro Numazu, Nara Club

J3 Club License Denied: Tokyo Musashino City FC (Musashino Stadium does not meet J3 requirements)

Current List of J.League Hundred Year Vision Clubs

Vanraure Hachinohe (JFL)
Tochigi Uva (JFL)
tonan Maebashi (Kanto Soccer League 1st Division)
Musashino City FC (JFL)
Azul Claro Numazu (JFL)
Nara Club (JFL)
FC Imabari (Shikoku League)

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